Black Hairstyles

Half shaved Mohawks are very in among the black hairstyles for 2011. They are easy to maintain. No brushing and combing and you look like the perfect punk on the street. Another great option is plait all your tresses and tie them in a street bun or a pony tail. You can also iron your hair and make small heightened bun right at top. This is a great up do that would last all day especially if you have secured it with a bunch of pins and hairspray.


You can make a side swept milkmaid braid with rounded bangs teasing at your cheeks. Sporting a beehive at your top with a bandana adorning your forehead is a great black hairstyle for you to wear on the streets. You can also make a side bun with your plaits at the nape as a black hairstyle and adorn your head with a woven cap. A nice bob till your chin with re-bonding would also suit you a great deal among the various black hairstyles available. Layered haircut with re-bonding or ironed hair is a great black hairstyle too.


Black hairstyles also include an up do with the top twisted partitions combining into an elegant braided bun at the top. Blow drying your shoulder length layered hairstyles and putting brown highlights in it is also a great black hairstyle. Pinning your frizzy hair at the crown is a great way to wear a black hairstyle. Headbands are also very in fashion this year among black hairstyles especially among young girls.


Headbands adorned with flowers or other accessories enhance your black hairstyle beautifully. You can also adorn your hair with ribbons and bows. Long hair on black women can also be plaited and dyed at the edges. This not only reduces the frizz but looks very sassy as well.


Many black women bleach their hair nowadays or dye them blonde. This is strictly a no go zone. Try dyeing a color which goes with your complexion like soft brown, maroons and various shades of mahogany. Just remember to get a black hairstyles that goes with your persona. A black hairstyle which you can maintain and carry comfortably at all times. Most importantly go to a reputed hairdresser.

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