Beehive hairstyle

Beehives hairstyle is all about donning up the Beehives hairstyles much worn by the women of the 50s era. Beehives Hairstyle includes beehives hairstyles of all sorts that women can wear o their hair.


The most simplest of beehive hairstyle implies making a huge bun at the top of your head, one that requires excessive backcombing even newspaper stuffing or wounding you hair around a thick coil. The best way to do is to get a volumising hair serum and apply it to your semi damp hair, now get a comb with very thin and dense teeth and start back combing you hair as much as you can, in case of small hair it is a good option to take a good chunk of hair at the forehead, make a ponytail of the rest and wind a thick coil around them now start back combing to get extra volume. Next is to comb the edges of the volume you have amassed carefully and gather your hair at the back. Secure the volume with strong but small bobby pins. Apply lots of hair spray to the beehive and voila you are a beehive styles model!!


Beehives Hairstyle can be tweaked a bit by adding a side swept bangs to it across your forehead, centre partition with two thick flicks caressing your face is also a good option. Beehive hairstyle was created for formal affairs whether it’s a prom night, a rehearsal dinner, a black tie event or a wedding you can don a beehive hairstyle statement. Beehive hairstyle makes a lovely combination with formal evening gowns made of satin silk or sexy taffeta. The downside to beehive hairstyle is the length of the hair of the woman in question. Sadly beehive hairstyle is not meant for the woman who has a short cropped haircut or a bob or even a shoulder length bob.


It is ideal for women who have shoulder to waist length hair as lots of volume can be generated with this kind of hair length. The next thing that keeps a beehive hairstyle hairdo intact is the right hair texture. Any woman who has dead straight hair and thin hair should not opt for a beehive hairstyle hairdo unless she wants to stuff half a dozen old newspapers in her hair. Beehive Hairstyle is meant for the women with normal or dry hair at best.


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