60 s hairstyles

60 s hairstyles styles A shoulder length bob with blunt cut bangs on platinum blonde hair was a popular 60s hairstyles. Who could see many models and actresses of that time wearing this 60s hairstyles. Red bouffant was worn by women in the 60s hairstyles a react deal as a common and popular 60s hairstyle. A little bit of back combing at the top and the rest of the hair was gathered at the back in a twist to make a very alluring and chic bouffant. Women who were not natural red heads wore their hair this way.


A pixie style bob was also very in as a 60s hairstyles. Women were tired making the bouffant in that era. This simple bob fell to their ears and a pixie outgrown at the front was held secure with side partition and minimalistic pins. The rear of this haircut is longer than curls to create soft waves. This 60s hairstyles is absolutely easy to maintain. All you have to do is to keep your hair well shampoos and well brush with a soft wooden brush preferably.


A bob just below ones ears was all the rage as a 60s hairstyles. The bangs were styles on one side with a bit of a twist with a round brush and a blow dryer. The side of the bangs is styled the same way but on the lower side. This 60s hairstyle looks best on red heads. Women who did not have naturally red hair went for dyes ranging from auburn red to orange red at the time.


There was a 60s hairstyle which had a side swept bangs sweeping half your face and a high bouffant of the rest of the hair achieved with a great deal of back combing and hair spray. This was the ideal 60s hairstyles for formal occasions at that time. Many woman of that time sported this 60s hairstyle at parties and red carpet events. This 60s hairstyle comprised of a hump near the crown and a beehive usually achieved with a beehive coil under the hair. Whatever 60s hairstyles you want to wear make sure it suits your face cut and your hair type you would not want there to be a severe clash between your hairdo and dress now would you?

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