50 s hairstyles

Although there are so many latest hairstyles that have been created by modern hair stylists but 50 s hairstyles are still considered as a part of fashion. Here are some of the hairstyles that will give you a look of 1950s. The first hairstyles can be obtained by cutting your hair into pixie cut. It gives a soft look with curls and short hair. The pixie cut was a popular cut of 50s era. You can pin the curls and set the rollers to get the desired look and use a hairspray to keep the curls on place. Women loved to wear perms with side parting. In those days, women use to wear curlers at night to get perfect curls the next day.


50 s hairstyles were usually short that were simple to styles and easy to maintain. Poodle cut is the variation of the pixie cut that has been liked by many young girls. You can part the hair on the sides and sweep them on the on side and hold them with the help of bobby pins or barrettes. Today many hair stylists suggested wearing of bangs with pixie cut. A headband can be used to hold the bangs and curls at the back. You can even comb the bangs at the back and secure them with bobby pins to arrange them to frame the face.


The ponytail is also one of the 50 s hairstyles that are still liked by many young girls, teenagers and working women. The ponytail gives a feeling or liberty and freedom. It is an easy hairstyle that can be created within minutes. All you have to do is to pull all the hair at the back and tie them with a rubber back. Today, girls wear the 50 s hairstyles of ponytail with and without bangs. You can even tease the ponytail and spray it before pulling it up and tie it with a scarf or a rubber band. Simple buns can also be created from this ponytail to get an elegant look. It is also the trend of 50 s hairstyles to use the ribbon or scarf of contrast or matching colors. A casual everyday look can be achieved by wearing a scarf over the head and tying it under the chin with the ponytail.


There is another hairstyle called bouffant that was popular in 1950s. This style was later on changed and known as beehive. It can be achieved by using wet rollers and hairdryers. The hair at the top is backcombed and spray heavily with a hair spray to create a voluminous look. Often hair rats are used for this purpose to create height. In fact, these hair rats are made of real hair and are in oval shape.

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