There are so many social commitments today that we need our hair to adorned in styles that are unique and can be carried with ease. If you are a corporate woman and have to work for long hours then you need a hair styles that would remain intact for long hours and do not require much hassle to maintain. The ideal hair styles for corporate women tend to revolve around the concept of buns and chignons.

Women with a round and chubby face should opt for a bun with a side partition or a slight height at their crown in the form of a bun. There are countless styles to choose from in buns such as a messy bun, a beehive bun, and a bun at the side among many more. For a Tudor look you can make a bun with a traditional centre partition.

If you are a teenager with beautiful and long hair then there is no end to the styles that you can adorn your hair with. For starter you can opt for layered hair styles. Layered hair styles come in different variations you can choose long layers or short layers depending on your choice of hair styles. You can go for a layered bob cut if you want ample volume and no fuss. The layered bob cut can in turn be spiced up with bangs. You can opt for sharp edged bands in a side swept fashion or blunt cut bangs if you have a small forehead.

For women with dead straight hair, go for U shaped or V shaped hair cut as dead straight hair look becoming in hair styles of this genre. All you would have to do is to shampoo your hair and apply a good conditioner to keep their gloss retained the entire day.

You should avoid blow drying as a permanent solution to getting good hair styles as it has long term damaging effects on your hair. However, on the rare occasion if you choose among the various blow drying based hair styles available make sure you hair is well protected with coats of styling mousse and blow drying serum so that you do not get long term frizz in you lovely tresses.