Very Short Hairstyles

Shorter hair lengths do produce a totally different look but not one that loses any style points to other looks. Women who are out there looking for a new and refreshing hairstyle should definitely consider going for a very short hairstyle.

The pixie cut one of the greatest very short hairstyles. It is for the brave short-haired girl who is not afraid to put her full face on display. The great thing about a pixie haircut is that it Beautifully shows the angle and features of your face. There is no limit to the styling that can be done with this very short hairstyle and the required styling equipment are next to nothing, just use your finger if nothing else and create a simple and cute very short hairstyle that suits your mood.


Take the front of your very short hairs and pin them back with bobby pins. You can also tuck them behind your ears for a high-fashion look or create an up do with a few strands framing your face, this way you can easily manage a very short hairstyle.Very short hairstyles can be styled by shaping your hair upward, using a thick styling tool, such as hair mud. For added punk panache, paint just the tips of your spikes purple. Shear the sides of your head short, or use styling gel to slick your hair down and make use of bobby pins to hold it in place. Keep the hair at the top of your head long enough to form spikes, waves or dreads with your curly hair. This is a great very short hairstyle to go with if you have fizzy hairs.


If you are looking for a easier very short hairstyle than apply a handful of mousse from roots to tips than part your hairs using small strokes. For this purpose you can use a paddle, dry using low speed blow dryer. Pomade or styling wax can be used to keep strands in line. By this way you can have a cute and stylish very short hairstyle.Among the various ways of getting very short hairstyles could be by Applying a little volumising cream to the roots before blow drying. Then use a large paddle brush to part hairs forward. Sweep part of the bangs slightly over the face and apply light pomade to enhance this very short hairstyle.


Always remember that it is your mood and confidence that would take a simple look to look the most trendiest, so whenever you decide to use these very short hairstyles be in the best of moods and attitude to make it perfect.


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