Short Layered Hairstyles

Short layered hairstyles are about keeping hairstyles that has hair length between shoulder length to ear length. There is wide variety available in short layered hairstyles. You can opt for layers that fall to your shoulders or your collarbone.


It is usually recommend with layered short hairstyles to get bangs as it adds some spice to your personality. You can get the roots of you layers dyed so that there is some variety in your hairstyle. You can create a frazzles look out of layered short hairstyle or you can create a dead pan ironed look with a straightening iron depending on the occasion. You can blow dry your upper layers inwards with a blow dryer brush and lower layers outwards. You can add bright highlights to your short layered hairstyles as well. For instance if you have jet black hair you add strawberry red or turquoise highlights to your hair. It is very in this season to get edged out bangs at the front wile keep your short layered hairstyle style in the form of a wedge at the back. This short layered hairstyle gives a very youthful appearance to your persona.


If you are a busy corporate woman and just do not have time to spend hours on getting dresses every morn than you can get a very short cropped haircut and adds lots of layers in it. Now all you would have to do each morn would be to check that your hair is not to oil or frizzy depending on your hair type. If your hair type is too oily then with this hairstyle make sure your hair is freshly shampooed each morning. On the other hand if your hair is super dry than shampoo your hair on alternate days with this hairdo and apply conditioner on your hair the day you shampoo your hair.


A word of advice with short layered hairstyles are that it should not be tried by women who have genetically round and chubby faces especially a double chin. The reason for this is that short layered hairstyles emphasize your face a great deal therefore it should be worn by women with bony and long faces.

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