Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

Short hairstyles for round faces means all those hairstyles that reduce the roundness of your face without make you look like fashion disaster. There are many options available in short hairstyles for round faces such as a long bob with layers. By long bob we do not mean a long hairstyle .It just means a bob has been cut with layers in it and that it brushes your collar bone. This particular short hairstyle for round faces has bangs that graze your lips. This short hairstyle for long hair covers half your cheek and forehead in a slanting manner reduced the size of your face by thirty percent.

Any woman who has been blessed with curls should opt for a layered cut that falls just below your shoulders. Do a centre partition with this short hairstyle for round face. Let the layers and curls frame your face beautifully. The layers would provide you with tresses covering half your cheeks that would make you have a somewhat ales rounder appearance as far as your face is concerned.


Pixie haircuts are also recommended by hairstylists when a woman is looking for short hairstyles for her round face. The pixie at your crown reduces half your forehead. The short cropped look of the pixie cut makes you look young and appealing and if you have a long narrow neck then there is absolutely no comparison to it. The pixie hairstyle need not have any styling done rest for some styling gel that is to be applied to your freshly shampooed and semi dampened hair.


You can opt for a straight on short cropped boy cut with blunt cut bags if you want to experiment with your short hairstyle for round faces. The cropped look can have many layers added to it. After this all you would have to do would be to apply lots of styling mousse to your hair and run your fingers through it to create a frazzled look.It is important with all short hairstyle for round women to have a neat intact look. You cannot go for a wild out there look if you are opting for a short hairstyle for round faces. Also keep your hair well cut every 5 months to maintain its neatness.


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