Genius tips for Styling Short Hair

Genius tips for styling short hair are of the following which will help you lead on an adventure of styling your short hair with never seen ease before.


The first genius tips that is going to be discussed and presented amongst you ladies is if you are opting for a slimmer and more cooler look try to pull all your hair off your neck.


Once you have pulled all your hair from the neck, make sure you are at the same time braiding the undersides of that portion of hair from the nape. This is a brilliant idea for those who love to be creative with their short hair. French Gorgeous Hairstyles 2016-2017 Genius braids tips for styling short hairbraiding your hair from the underside will not only make you creative but also provide you with the relief of not having any hair on your neck (which is really suggested for you to try in summer when everyone would love to just take off all the hair from the neck side). If you are in a hurry and you have serious problem with your tresses that won’t hush down and keep flying around it is always best to keep a cold cream in your bag always at all time. This will help you to fix any kind of tresses that are flying away. By creating a deep side on one side of your hair this will eventually lead you with a faux bang. Who doesn’t love faux bangs which are quite trendy these days. The hair sweeping across to one side will make anyone believe that you have real bangs and will keep on questioning how you did it if you ever tend to reveal them the truth.


Whoever own short hair always tends to believe that blow-drying process must be accomplished solely by using a blow dry brush or a paddle brush. Although these brushes are undoubtedly used for the purpose of creating more volume but also it may at times create an over puffy look which most people at all times don’t prefer. Using fingers in your hair while blow drying your hair well that is something you must know because fingers can only help you make achieve a very natural looking texture and once you have successfully blow-dried your hair well it is time for you create your shape and voila you are done. If you have fine thin hair well then you might look and suit better with a pixie cut, this is because not all hair textures are meant for all short hairstyles. You have to understand your hair texture and go in accordance with your haircut. This also can be asked from your hairstylist. Remember to choose a very wise hairstylist who has been running the salon for years because only they can judge you from your hair texture as to what really hairstyle and haircut you should opt for.


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