Short Hairstyles for Women

Short hairstyles for women make life easy for them due to their low maintenance. Bobs are the ideal option to choose among short hairstyles for women. Bobs come in many variations. You can choose a straight cut bob which is further demarcated into a chin length bob or a collarbone length bob. Chin length bob with a straight cut is ideal for women with a bony face and a long narrow neck.

This bob needs no maintenance except a good quality round brush each morning with which you can brush the bob inwards. A collarbone length bob is meant for women with a long face or a chubby face as it adds width to your face and reduces the chubbiness too. This bob would need a bit of blow drying each morning or some straightening with a straightening iron.


A layered bob is an excellent option for a woman who has been blessed with wavy hair or thin hair. If the woman in question has wavy hair then the layered bob should start from the jaw line and go all the way to your collarbone , rounding off in an elegant manner. If the woman has thin hair then the ideal layered bob should be a short cropped one where the lowest layer should be just below the chin and the upper layer should be two or so inches above it with three to four layers between them.


Shag cut is similar to a bob in terms of the length but the edges of a shag cut are choppy and razor like giving you a punk appearance. Shag cut is usually preferred by women who have an inclination towards rock music or who like to look wild and reckless. Thus short hairstyle for woman needs absolutely no maintenance save a good shampoo and a gloss enhancing serum. Just apply the gloss enhancing serum to your semi damp hair and run your fingers wildly through your tresses to create an exotic and becoming look.Short hairstyles for women should cut regularly as they highlight the face and any roughness of tresses around them would look extremely odd. Make sure you go to a seasoned hair dresser for short hairstyle for yourself to avoid looking like a hair disaster.


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