Short Hairstyles for Older Women

Short hairstyles for older women should be no fuss at all as in they should require little work. Older women can opt for short bobs, a short cropped look or a pixie hairstyle. Older women can also choose short hairstyles with layers in it provided it suits them. Since older women usually have graying hair it is best that they choose a short hairstyle that suits the colors of their hair a as well.

Whatever short hairstyle an ageing women chooses should make sure it suits her face cut and persona. If an old woman has a large face with sagging skin resulting in a double chin it is advisable to choose a short hairstyle that grazes your collar bone. The ideal option in this case would be to get a straight cut that brushes your collarbone. It can be maintained with ease by using many styling accessories such as a head band, a clip or pins to make a small bun. Inwards blow drying is also a good option for older women who have a straight long bob.


Hair tends to get frizz and wild with age for such a case it is best to get a cropped haircut as a short hairstyle for older women. The top of this short hairstyle should be short and the back should have many layers with each strand barely three inches long. The back of the head should brush the nape and the front should be simple and let you look sophisticated and classy. This short hairstyle for older women needs hardly any maintenance except for a good shampoo and a good quality wooden brush or comb.


For hardcore elegance the best hairstyle for older women would be to get straight haircut just below the shoulders and make an elegant albeit small bun at the nape secured with a small net adorned with rhinestones. It makes the perfect short hairstyles for older women for casual as well as formal occasions and makes them look like a grace and serene mature woman, who says that you cant dazzle the opposite gender in old age?

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