Short Hairstyles for Men

The Caesar cut, although may seem like an old fashioned haircut is still a very good option for short hairstyles for men. It’s a somewhat very short hairstyle, with hair cut roughly one or two inches around the head, once the cut is done, the hair can then be brushed forward over the forehead and be made into thick bunches, and give a neat look.

Another contender for short hairstyles for men is Cornrows. Cornrows are made very tight to the scalp. Stylists make braids of the hair and create a small and uniform look, dividing the head into sections. It may take a long time to perfect, but it is a good symbol for imposing yourself.The fade gives another dimension to your look, a disciplined look. It starts with very short hair cut at the sides and the back of the head, and as it gradually reaches the top, the hair begin to get thicker and longer, sometimes to an inch or two. A good option if you are looking for a tidy and disciplined look in the short hairstyle category.


The flat top, popular for young men, trying to have a mean look, is an easy to maintain haircut. It can be of varied length, but it still creates a flat top. Hairs are usually cut shorter at the front, and then gradually get long as it goes to the back of the head, to maintain the flat top. Definitely a good choice if you want a short hairstyle.Another style, commonly associated with punk rock, and with ancient Indian tribes, is the Mohawk. The hairs are shaved at the sides of the head, leaving just a strip of short hair in the middle. Variations of this short hairstyle for men are making different patterns on that strip of hair, or even cutting your name into it!


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