Short Hairstyles for Busy Moms

A mother is very busy in doing household chores and spending time with kids. She finds it difficult to spare time for making various hairstyles. Busy moms need quick, easy and short hairstyle that need minimal styling and no maintenance. Short hairstyles for busy moms are simply styled and look stylish. There are some key factors that must be remembered to wear simple short hairstyles.


Before having kids, women used to spend time in washing, conditioning and applying hair masks. But after having kids, moms need to wash their hair quickly. Therefore, short hairstyles for busy moms mostly consist of wash and wear styles. There are some all in one shampoos that are made for these busy moms so that they can treat their hair in a healthy manner.


Short hairstyles for busy moms not always need to be washed and conditioned. The concept of dry shampoo has made it easy for moms to get rid of oily hair. Dry shampoo is sprinkled to the scalp and combed until it becomes invisible. This shampoo is a blessing for busy moms who cannot manage conditioning and other treatments for hair.


Short hairstyles for busy moms with even length and symmetrical cuts are easy to manage. These haircuts are easily styled by tousling hair after applying styling product. Mothers who hardly find out a few minutes for themselves must get a short haircut. A short bob or pixie cut is ideal for busy moms. Many moms like wearing stylish and edgy haircuts. Angled and asymmetrical bob are edgy haircuts that give modern looks to mothers. An asymmetrical haircut with slightly long layers is great for wavy and straight hair. A hairstyle for everyday wear is created by tousling the hair after washing them.


Short hairstyles for busy moms are also styled with French twits for formal events. Often, mother needs a special hairstyle and they don’t get much variety for their short hair. Hair from the side is lifted up and twisted. This twisted section is pinned at the side or at the back. A French twist is created by taking one section or taking sections for both sides.


A pixie cut gives short hairstyles for busy moms and need regular trimmings for maintenance. This haircut is short all around the head but many women like long hair at the top. Mostly, pixie cut is worn with side parting but some moms like wearing it to get a slicked back hairstyle.


Mothers who have enough time to style their hairs must get bangs or fringes. Bangs when cut with short hair look glamorous and give modern and appealing looks. Being a mother doesn’t mean you can never look fashionable and stylish.

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