Short Curly Hairstyles

Short curls frame your face adorably. Women who have been blessed with a narrow long face or a heart shaped face look their best with a mop of curls adorning the face. From celebrities to corporate women curls short hairstyles are the latest fashion to be adopted this fall. A simple brush through your hair every morn can give you a long lasting hairdo. Women who are not blessed with naturally curly hair can temporary or permanent curls through treatment.

It is advisable to see a reputed hair stylist before getting permanent curls. You should get your hair curls with chemical which do minimum damage to your hair and give you a glossy healthy look. Women who have been blessed with healthy wavy hair can get a cropped curly hairstyles by getting their hair cut into layers. Bangs or a fringe with a curly bob looks absolutely hip yet elegant on your face. A less damaging way to enjoy curls on your short cropped hair is to use a curling iron for the occasion. However, hair stylists recommend that hair should be covered with a protective curling serum first.

An ironed flick till your nose with a mop of curls around your ears is chic look for formal occasions. You would look all elegance with the playful curls teasing at your name and neck. Celebrities at the red carpet this year have adorned the messy curly look a good deal. Just curl your hair with a huge curling iron and then run your hands through your hair giving them a messy backswept youthful look. The most important factor when choosing a cropped curly hairdo for yourself is to make sure it matches your persona.

You can give your hair a side partition or pin up your hair at the crown which would give your face a neat and elegant aura. If you have been blessed with course hair then there is no need to go to a hair stylist to get curls. All you need is shampoo and a good quality gel. Towel-dry your hair after a shower and run your gel-coated fingers through your tresses.

Whatever look you choose the important thing is to keep basic health of your hair in mind as well. There have been countless cases of women loosing volumes of hair and getting split ends owing to low quality curl treatment chemicals and over curling your hair with the curling iron. With the upcoming fall a short cropped curly hairdo would surely make you the belle of your locality. Cherish the mop of curls on your hair with flair.

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