Business Short Hairstyles

Business short hairstyles are liked by working women who want to impress their colleague with their stylish looks. These hairstyles are clean and polished that prevent hair from falling on face when you are busy doing office work. You need to create these hairstyles with the help of flat iron, curling iron, blow dryer and styling products.


Most of the business short hairstyles give professional look to women. A bob cut is one of these hairstyles that are suitable for office wear. A classic bob cut is occasionally enhanced with curls at the ends. Large sections of hair are curled using a curling iron to create slight waves. A bob cut is flexible enough for quick styling that’s why working women love wearing it. It is suggested to get a blunt bob cut without layers. If you have thick hair, slight layers can be added to shed extra weight of hair. On the other hand, an inverted bob cut featuring longer hair on front gives polished business short hairstyles.


Other business short hairstyles are created by applying pomade to a layered haircut. Pomade is rubbed with hands to ensure even distribution. Layers look well defined with pomade and hair is pinned back or tucked behind the ears for a businesswoman look.


An angled bob is one of the business short hairstyles that are highly popular among working women. It is easy to pull the angled bob to get sleek hairstyle. The hair at the back is evenly cut while front is slightly angled. Bangs are straight and cut just above eyebrows. An angled bob hairstyle is great for straight hair only. This hairstyle is styled with mousse and shine serum to highlights shiny hair.


A conservative cropped cut also gives business short hairstyles. This haircut reaches jawline and spiced up with edgy or blunt bangs. The hair at top is teased to get some height and arranged at the crown area for a professional look. The blunt bangs are styled with pomade to define sharp edges.


Side swept bangs when combined with a short haircut gives unique business short hairstyles. This hairstyle is created by rubbing pomade and shine serum to hair. Hair is blow dried in such a way that front section is swept away from face. This hairstyle is neatly styled after straightening the hair with flat iron.


A shag haircut also gives many styling looks to working women. This haircut has many short layers. Women who have think hair need to wear this haircut in order to create an illusion of thick hair. Women who have curly and thick hair get stylish hairstyle with this haircut. Layers will balance thickness of hair and accentuate curly hair. This hairstyle needs anti-frizz product for styling.


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