Burlesque Short Hairstyles

Burlesque short hairstyles were popular in 1900s but these vintage hairstyles are again making a comeback. There are many celebrities who have worn these hairstyles for different award ceremonies and red carpet. Burlesque short hairstyles are styled with different methods to get versatile looks. For example, a pompadour burlesque includes a big poof style on top of the head. This hairstyle looks perfect with ringlets or curly hair.


Burlesque short hairstyles are suitable for wavy hair types. One of the easiest hairstyles is created after washing the hair. Styling cream is applied evenly and hair is combed with a wide toothed comb. Hair is side parted while styling cream is wet. Comb the hair and stop where you want you want to create wave. Keep your finger at that place and tease it by pushing the finger into it. The tricky part is not to let go your finger while you are combing the hair. Row of hair is created and you must keep on pushing the hair with your finger. You can repeat the same step for other rows. Burlesque short hairstyles need practice so that you can make them perfectly.


Burlesque short hairstyles with curly hair were popular in 1940s but today many women create these hairstyles with a modern look. A burlesque hairstyle for curly hair is created by dividing hair into small sections and combing them to make them tangle free. These sections are wrapped round the barrel of a curling iron after rubbing heat protecting cream on them. Rollers are also used for this purpose. Rollers are secured with hair clips. A small section of hair from front is taken and curled with a roller of small size. Rollers are taken out after 20 minutes and hair is parted on the side. Burlesque short hairstyles require bushing of hair on the top so that J shape is created. The smallest curl on the front is not brushed. Mist the hair with extra holding hairspray. Hair clips are placed above the ears to make it a formal hairstyle.


Burlesque short hairstyles are also created into a classic pompadour. This hairstyle is created by gathering hair at the top and pulling it up. The hair is clipped to spate it from remaining bottom hair. The top section is divided into two sub-sections. One of these sections is stretched from right to left eye. The second section is starched from left eye to left ear. These sections are combed to make them look smooth. The large section at the top is curled at the ends and roots are teased to get a poof. This teased and curled is pinned securely. Rest of the hair is curled at the ends and sprits with hairspray for a dramatic hairstyle.

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