Bump Short Hairstyles

Women get new hairstyles by teasing hair at the crown. This height is known as bump and it is used to add volume and exciting look to short hairstyle. There are many bump short hairstyles that are styled for formal and every day wear.


Bump short hairstyles give many everyday looks that are ideally worn in office. This bump is added to all short hairstyles especially those having a layered haircut. In order to add a bump to short hair, hair must be washed and dried. A hair section is lifted bear the crown and teasing or backcombed using a comb. The outer layer of backcombed section is smoothed out and teased section is pinned. Bump short hairstyles give a flair look and works for all types of hair.


There are some bump short hairstyles that are made for parties and other formal events. These hairstyles require a haircut at chin length. The damp hair is rubbed with mousse and styling gel. Use a blow dryer and scrunch them with fingers. It will give loose waves to hair. After waves have been created, add a bump on top of the head. Wear a headband if you want to isolate bangs.


There are many elegant bump short hairstyles that are made for weddings and prom night. These hairstyles must be neatly styled to get elegant and formal looks. A bump is made by backcombing or teasing the top hair. Take section of hair from sides just above the ear and pull it to meet the centre of the backcomb section. This section is secured with sparkling hair clips. This hairstyle looks great with side swept bangs.


Bump short hairstyles are also styled with side parting. Straight hair is styled with loose waves or curls and a bump is made on the crown. To begin with, hair is parted on the side and pulled to one side just behind the ear. This side hair is teased and secured behind the ear. Sparkling hair pins or flowers are used to enhance bump short hairstyles.


A straight bob also helps in creation of bump short hairstyles. Make sections of one inch and place them between plates of straightening iron. This step is necessary if you have curly or wavy hair. Tease the roots of hair at the crown and spritz with hairspray. Secure this backcombed section with bobby pins. A high side parting with light backcombing will give a versatile hairstyle. This hairstyle is enhanced with side swept and straight bangs. The bump is also decorated with bejewelled hair pins and barrettes. This hairstyle is ideal for everyday wear and formal events. Brides who have short bob cut must wear this hairstyle with a veil to get a retro and traditional look for their wedding.

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