Brunette Short Hairstyles

Initially brunette short hairstyles featured curly bob with bangs but now the trend has changed. In order to highlight and improve the brunette hair color, natural hairstyles adding volume to hair are preferred. In the modern age, women find so many choices for brunette short hairstyles.


Let’s begin with classic curly bob that added volume to brunette hair. A curly bob looks funky and add elegance to the personality of women. A tousled look is created for brunette short hair by applying styling balm to damp hair. A blow dried is used to dry the hair. Hair is squeezed while blow drying so that depth is added. If hair is naturally wavy, one must twist sections of hair around the finger while blow drying. It will enhance the natural wavy brunette short hairstyles.


Other brunette short hairstyles feature a pixie cut. This haircut needs low maintenance and gives feminine looks. A pixie cut is styled with fingers after applying styling balm. Layers are arranged on the side of the face so that they frame cheekbones. A blow dryer adds texture to brunette short hairstyles. A textured pixie cut is pinned to wear an updo hairstyle. Hair is rubbed with texturizing gel and side parted. Hair is divided into sections that are twisted with fingers. It will add loose curls to hair. A headband is worn to spice up the brunette hair.


Brunette short hairstyles are refined with bangs. Smooth bangs are meant for younger girls who want ultra-feminine hairstyles. In order to wear a short hairstyle with bangs, one needs to use a paddle brush while blow drying. It will make give straight hair. Bangs are twisted with fingers and styled with pomade. Hair is pulled towards the back after rubbing them with mousse. Brunette short hairstyles are given a final look with shine serum.


Other brunette short hairstyles 2013 are styled with knots. This hairstyle is created after dividing them into sections of one inch. These sections are knotted together at the crown of the head. This knotty hairstyle is created with multiple rows and styled with styling gel so that knots are held longer. Curls are also pinned up around the crown for a sleek look.


Twisted hairstyles are also created for brunette hair. In order to get his hairstyle, start with holding a section of one inch hair and twist it with fingers. The hair is recoiled when you reach the ends and a specific circular pattern is created. These circles are pinned around the head and spritz with hairspray.


Brunette hair has many other choices for styling. This hair color is highlighted with other colors as well. Highlights must be darker than the brunette. All short hairstyles for brunette hair need to be styled with styling gel and mousse.

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