Boho Short Hairstyles

Bohemian hairstyles give casual and carefree looks to young girls. Basically, boho short hairstyles are inspired from hippie hairstyle of 1970s and 1960s. But the latest hairstyles are simple and messy and styled with flowers. In order to make boho short hairstyles of your own you need to create flowing, messy styles combined with suitable outfits. In short, all elements of styling play a vital role in balancing these hairstyles.


Boho short hairstyles with waves are the easiestway to transform straight hair. You can achieve wavy hair with bobby pins, texturizing cream and hairspray. Damp hair is rubbed with texturizing cream and rolled around fingers. Thesecircularpatterns are secured against the scalp with bobby pins. Hairspray is misted all around. Take out the pins after a few hours and you’re done with waves. Boho short hairstyles look chic with curls and waves and require minimal maintenance.


These short hairstyles have also been sported by Kate Hudson and Ashley Olsen. Boho short hairstyles with curls are created by applying texturing cream to damp hair. You need to take more cream if hair is longer. Divide the hair into small sections and twist them clockwise with your fingers. Once section is twisted secure it with bobby pin. This step is repeated for all hair sections. You can dry the hair with blow dryer or natural air. Remove the bobby pins and untwist the hair gently. You should avoid using a brush or comb to separate the hair. Boho short hairstyles are made frizz free by avoiding using a brush. Hairspray is spritz to the hair to enhance volume of hair.


Boho short hairstyles are also styled after getting an inverted bob cut. A bob cut shows off neck and shoulders. The back hair is short and sides have long hair. Often an inverted bob cut features cheekbones with an angled cut. This hairstyle give boho looks and makes is ideal for everyday wear. The best thing about getting a bob cut is that it is easily maintained and gives washand wear styles.


Short curly hair also gives many boho short hairstyles. Naturally curly hair must be cut short for easy management and styling. A hairstyle that is short on the sides and slightly long at the back gives neat look when styled with pomade or styling gel. Moreover, mousse must be applied to roots of damp hair to make them soft.


A haircut that is short at the back and gradually becomeslonger towards the front give boho looks. This haircut is known as stacked layered haircut. A stacked haircut works great for naturally curly as it balances the curls and volume of hair. This hairstyle needs to be styled with styling gel.

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