Bohemian Short Hairstyles

Bohemian gives a carefree image of an artist. Bohemian short hairstyles are ones that are styled casually without using jewelled accessories and hairspray. Instead of using these accessories, these hairstyles are enhanced with flowers, long messy buns and loose wavy hair. These hairstyles are easy to create for every day wear. Let’s have a look at some of the easy bohemian short hairstyles that are ideal for black women.


The first bohemian hairstyle for short hair is the Afro hairstyle. It needs hair of half inches ask over the head. If hair is longer than this length then they need to be combed with a wide toothed comb. The hair is combed to keep the curly shape of hair. Long curly hair becomes difficult to stick together to show off the round tresses. Therefore, it is suggested to wear this hairstyle with short length.


Teeny weeny afro hairstyle also gives bohemian looks for naturally short curly hair. This hairstyle is also known as TWA. It is one of the bohemian short hairstyles that give a choppy look after getting rid of split ends. This hairstyle is best for short curly hair. Many women miss wearing long tresses but bohemian short hairstyles allow them more freedom and styling. Once they get a short haircut, they gain more confidence and feel stylish. Teeny weeny Afro hairstyle give bohemian looks when combined with light makeup and stylish jewellery. There is no need to wear any hair accessories with this hairstyle to avoid masculine looks.


Other bohemian short hairstyles include braids ad twists. Short hair does not allow braids but twists add charming and carefree looks. Curly hair is ideal for twisted hairstyle. Bohemian short hairstyles with twists are created by diving sides into section. The section is further divided and twisted separately. These twisted sections are combined at the end and secured with bobby pins. These twists look like a rope and stay in place. Many young girls like to create small braids on the sides. These braids follow the same pattern that of regular braid and secured with elastic bands. Braids are also rolled round the fingers to secure them if you don’t want to use elastic bands. These bohemian short hairstyles need to be maintained with essential oils.


The twisted or braided hair is taken to an advanced level known as twist out and braid out style. These bohemian short hairstyles look like upbraiding and undoing the twists. This hairstyle is best created when braids and twists are made for several days. When hair is untwisted and combed with fingers. You will get gorgeous wavy pattern for your hair. These hairstyles work ideally for short curly hair and women needs to moisturize their hair with leave in conditioner.

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