Body Wave Short Hairstyles

Gone are the days when poodle perm hair was trendy because body wave perm has replaced them. It is a loose curly hairstyle that has loose curls and looks more stylish and relaxed as compared to the classic permed hair. Body wave short hairstyles are styled with different methods but all of them result in soft and loose curls.A short haircut with layers is ideal for these hairstyles. You will see many types of bodywave perm styles that result in various body wave short hairstyles.


Basically, a body wave is termed as a process that involves chemical treatments to change the texture of hair. These treatments are performed by professionals. Body wave short hairstyles give loose wavy patterned hair instead of tight curls. Usually, waves aresuitable for fine hair to increase their volume and movement. Body wave short hairstyles are ideal for those who want to get quick styling without maintenance. These hairstyles give wonderful styles for those who like to style their hair with round brush, styling gel, pomade and rollers. The size of waves varies depending on the rod of rollers.


There are many body wave short hairstyles that need good condition of hair. A conditioner that if full of proteins must be used on regular basis. But excess amount of moisture is considered to damage the permed hair therefore it is necessary to get your hair hydrated. Although body wave perm is suitable for all hair lengths but it gives best results for short hair.


There are some tips that should be remembered when creating body wave short hairstyles. You must ask a professional hair stylist before getting chemical treatments. Perm is said to have harmful effects for hair that’s why a professional must determine heath and type of hair before getting then permed. If you have already dyed your hair, you must not find it easy to get body wave short hairstyles. It is because of the reason that hair colors and relaxants of perms combine together to damage the hair. In such cases, a hair stylist might decide to perm a specific section of hair.


After getting a textured haircut and loose waves at salon, you need to pamper your hair and moisturize them to make them hydrated. It is also necessary to get deep condition treatment once a month so that shocked ends of hair are restored with proteins.


Body wave short hairstyles are good choice for summer. People find curly hair is easier to wear and style after washing as compared to straight hair. These hairstyles need to be styled with hair sunscreen to avoid damage caused due to sunlight. You must keep a bottle of hair sunscreen with you when enjoying holidaysin summer.

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