Big Nose Short Hairstyles

Many women have perfect face shapes with flattering facial features. But some women have right face shape with imperfect facial features such as small eyes, large forehead, large ears or big nose. There are many hairstyles that are created to hide these imperfections. But selection of right hairstyle for big nose is a challenge for many women. Big nose short hairstyles compliment facial features and soften the looks.


Big nose short hairstyles with bangs helps in softening facial features. Bangs are cut in different lengths and combined with various haircuts. It is believed that bangs are useful in disguising facial flaws to a greater extent. A haircut with bangs must be soft and wispy to achieve best results. Soft and wispy bangs add dimension to face and divert attention from facial flaws. Women who have big nose must wear side swept bangs because these bangs reach top of the cheekbones and give a slender look to face hence distracting attention from nose.

Big nose short hairstyles featuring layered haircut also works to hide facial flaws. A short layered haircut is ideal to draw attention to head instead of face. Layers give soft appearance to face and divert attention to haircut. An enhanced result is achieved by adding lowlights and highlights to layered haircut.


An asymmetrical haircut also gives big nose short hairstyles. A short asymmetrical bob cut featuring gradual layers is ideally the right choice. This haircut has short layers on the back that look gradually longer on the front. Angled cuts add structure and definition to hairstyle hence drawing attention away from face. This hairstyle is also combined with bangs of varying length. For example, an asymmetrical bob having bangs reaching the eyebrows will highlight eyes and forehead and no one is going to notice big nose.

When creating big nose short hairstyles women need to know a few basic styling tips. Women having naturally wavy and curly hair need to balance out the volume. Curly hair must be prevented from becoming over dried and frizzy ion order to minimise facial flaws. Big nose short hairstyles are created by brushing hair away from face so that none of the facial feature if highlighted. Hair stylists recommend keeping the sides of haircut broader so that large nose is not focused by any means.


There are some hairstyles that must be avoided for large nose. Big nose short hairstyles must include soft and wispy bangs. There are some haircuts that can highlight large nose such as pixie cut, cropped cut and buzz cut. Although these haircuts are short but they don’t allow hair around the face resulting in highlighting big nose. Similar, a short haircut with middle parting also focus the nose.

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