Big Forehead Short Hairstyles

Women who have large forehead need to wear short hairstyle that covers width of forehead. But they must remember that not all the short hairstyles are meant to hide large foreheads. Big forehead short hairstyles help to mask the size of forehead. A professional must be asked for the right hairstyle to hide such flaws of face.


Bangs are said to flatter all types of face shapes and hide any flaws. Big forehead short hairstyles with bangs reach eyebrows draw attention to eyes and other features. A layered haircut with bangs not only hides flaws of face but also frames it. Shorter layer must start at chin for a soft look. Men who have large forehead have choice of wearing long side swept bangs.


Big forehead short hairstyles with side part also draw attention to cheekbones and side and hide forehead. The key to wear these hairstyles is to wear a side part across the forehead. This side parted hair is secured with bobby pins and rest of the hair is tied into a low ponytail or left loose. The parted hair gives an illusion of bangs thus hiding facial flaws.


A shag haircut featuring some long layers also adds volume to hairstyle. It draws attention to hair instead of face. Big forehead short hairstyles adding volume to head are suitable for curly and wavy hair. The hair is pulled away from eyes and forehead and pinned at the back or sides.


A shirt straight hairstyle is fashionable and draws attention to eyes with straight bangs. Bangs are long and straight with blunt ends. These bangs give a soft touch to the hairstyle. Big forehead short hairstyles with blunt and straight bangs have been sported by many celebrities such as Tyr Banks. Women who have thick and voluminous hair have choices to wear big forehead short hairstyles. This type of hair needs to be cut with bangs. Curly and wavyhairstyles with bangs hide the large forehead and focus natural texture of hair.

Some of the big forehead short hairstyles featuring edgy ends and asymmetrical cuts help in hiding large forehead. An asymmetrical haircut with side swept bangs features long hair on front and short on the back. A razor is often used for this haircut to get a perfect edgy hairstyle. Facial flaws are hidden because attention is drawn to asymmetrical cuts and blunt bangs.

Teenager girls like to grow out their bangs and arrange them across large forehead. It is also a good idea to hide large forehead. However, these grow out bangs are also tucked behind the ears or pinned on the side. This hairstyle works for short haircuts and allows fuss free styling. All these hairstyles with bangs are meant for short hair and helps in hiding large forehead and other facial flaws.

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