Big Face Short Hairstyles

Facial shape is one of the vital considerations that are kept in mind while choosing a suitable hairstyle. A wrong selection of hairstyle not only makes your face look bigger but also diverts attention to features you want to hide. Big face short hairstyles compliment facial features and balances the face shape. If you are one of the persons who have round or big face shape, you must choose a haircut with bangs.


Since the width of face is almost equal to that of length therefore a haircut is required that reduces the width.A bob cut is such a hairstyle that reaches above the chin and adds softness to face with bangs. Bangs also add volume on the top and helps in balancing width of face by increasing the length. Basically, these big face short hairstyles add volume on the top of the head and sides. Layers are added to this haircut that feature wispy bangs. A blunt bob hairstyle adds length to face with straight bangs.


Big face short hairstyles aim to soften facial features. Curly hair adds volume to sides of face and adds length. A layered shaggy hairstyle blends layers all around the head. One must be careful in wearing a shaggy haircut with layers. Some people get blunt layers for curly hair that adds volume to widest part of face. The key factor is styling big face short hairstyles with shaggy haircut is to apply styling gel and pomade. These products will enhance the edges and layers.


There are some big face short hairstyles that are styled with French twists. This hairstyle is ideal for people who have large cheekbones. These hairstyles add volume to the sides and increases length. A pulled back hairstyle also works to balance cheekbones. A hairstyle with French twist is created by taking section from the sideand twisted. This section is pinned at the back. Big face short hairstyles elongate round faces by adding puffiness on the forehead. A casual and messy hairstyle with French twists is achieved by pinning curls on random places and twisting the hair on the side.


Women who have big face shape must wear bangs with side parting. These bangs are also known as side swept bangs that that flatters round or big faces. Big face short hairstyles when styled with side swept bangs balances sharp facial features and give feminine looks. Women having round faces and wide forehead must avoid wearing blunt cuts and straight bangs.


A graduated bob cut also suits big face shape. It is longer on the front and short on the back. This haircut gives a slimming effect to the round face. Women should avoid too long or too short haircuts for round faces.

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