Big Ears Short Hairstyles

There are a number of people who have prominent ears that stick out from side of the head. Often, they feel embracement because attention is always drawn to their ears and other facial features are ignored. There are some big ears short hairstyles that help in diverting attention away from ears and flatters strong facial features.


Big ears short hairstyles aim to hide prominent ears and require a suitable haircut. A short haircut that is longer on the sides to cover ears is necessarily the right choice. Long hair on the sides masks the ears and creates an illusion of small ears. Similarly, thick hair with short layers will also cover the ears and focus the eyes. Short hair is also tucked behind the ears to cover them.


There are many big ears short hairstyles for men. A short haircut with tousled hair around the head is appropriate to cover big ears. Layers are cut on the top of the head and sides. This hairstyle is styled with styling gel and hair is tousled on the sides and top. Top hair is shaped into a pyramid so that attention is diverted towards the crown area.

A taper cut also gives big ears short hairstyles for men. It is a haircut that is cut along the sides and back. But top of the head is slightly longer to style in upward direction. This hairstyle needs to be styled with pomade or styling gel and top hair is shaped into spikes. This structured hairstyle will focus the upper part of head hence diverting attention from ears.


Other big ears short hairstyles for men consist of spikes and medium fade haircut. This haircut features shaved sides and back. Hair above the ears is cut half an inch parallel to the scalp. The hair at the top is a little longer but still seems shorter. This haircut is styled with styling gel and spikes are created in the upward direction.


A low fade also gives big ears short hairstyles. This hairstyle features shaved head on the bottom. Rest of the hair is grown out so that top hair appears longer. This haircut has no visible lines and short and long hair is blended well. A low fade is another choice for big ears.


An Ivy League cut is another choice for covering big ears. This haircut is top on the back and short on the sides. Big ears short hairstyles with Ivy League cut are shaped forward and kept slanted across the forehead. This slanted haircut focuses the face and forehead and covers big ears. Hair is styled with styling gel and spikes are created. Another high and tight haircut also hides big ears and focus attention to facial features.

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