Balayage Short Hairstyles

The trend of using highlights gives new dimension to current hairstyle. There are different techniques being used by hair stylists to add new color to hair. Balayage is a technique used for colouring hair. It consists of hand painted highlights that are lighted towards the ends of hair. The colors used in Balayage technique varies from soft sun kissed to dark tones. It is a free hand colouring technique that give versatile results. Basically, the choice of colors depends on the wearer or hairstylist suggests the right color. Balayage short hairstyles are the newest trends in fashion industry.


Balayage short hairstyles are popular due to many reasons. Firstly, a short hairstyle having multiple layers frames the face. The ends of these are curled inwards or outwards. Inward curls give elegant and sophisticated hairstyles while outwards curls give funky hairstyle. Balayage short hairstyles give best results with a layered haircut. Jennifer Aniston is one of celebrities who have sported this hairstyle. Since framing of face looks elegant, therefore, highlights must be subtle and soft. Highlights strands must be smaller in width. Mostly, the color of highlight is lighter than the color of hair.


A bob cut gives classic hairstyle and offer minimal maintenance. But it is an ideal choice for balayage short hairstyles. An option is to add layers to this classic haircut and part the hair on side. Side swept bangs offer another choice of styling for bob cut. Highlights are added to all the hair including bangs. Side swept bangs add volume to hairstyle and give a gorgeous look with highlights. Halle Berry used to wear balayage short hairstyles with a classic bob cut.


Balayage short hairstyles with fringes are supposed to give modern versions of classic bob. A bob featuring short layers cut with a razor gives edgy and choppy look. The key feature of this hairstyle is the cutting of layers. Highlights are added to the tips of layers. By doing so, attention is drawn to layers. Side swept bangs are optional for this hairstyle.


A shag cut also gives balayage short hairstyles. This haircut has layers of short length and gives fuss free styling. The layers for shag are no longer than 4 inches. Peekaboo highlights are ideal for this hairstyle. The highlights are added underneath top layers to get a dramatic look with the movement of hair.


If you don’t want classic bob and shag hairstyles and looking for a bold and new hairstyle then you must get a chin length angled haircut. An angled haircut with plenty of layers of varying length will give balayage short hairstyles. This haircut also includes chunks that are to be highlighted. These chunks are layered segments that have width of half inch. These highlighted chunks look noticeable.

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