Auburn Short Hairstyles

Auburn hair looks fiery for young girls and women of all ages. There are many shades of auburn that suit different skin tones. These hairstyles are suitable for short to long hair. Auburn short hairstyles are styled for all hair types.


Auburn wavy hair looks bouncy for short hair. Auburn short hairstyles require hair of three inches of hair. Make sure hair length don’t exceed longer than shoulders. Bouncy hair looks great with auburn colorwhen parted in the centre. Volume is also added at the top of the head with backcombing. The hair at the crown is also teased and spritz with hairspray for volume. If you have straight hair, curling iron is used to create large waves and loose curls. Shine spray and hairspray is used to hold auburn short hairstyles.


Those who have loose wavy hairmust wear auburn short hairstyles. A red color with copper shade looks awesome with bangs and shoulder length hair. The bangs are cut in such a way that they reach cheekbones. The trick to wear this hairstyle to get soft appearance is to wash hair before styling. Mousse is rubbed and hair is air dried or blow dried for volume. Curling iron with a large barrel is used to add soft curls.


A curly bob is one of the auburn short hairstyles that are styled with styling gel or pomade. Styling product is applied to damp hair and curled. Naturally curly hair needs not to be curled. Hair is allowed to dry after application of styling product. Hair is scrunched occasionally while hair is drying. A curling iron is also used to define natural curls without adding new ones. It is best to define natural curly hair pattern. Auburn short hairstyles are styled with pomade and hair is scrunched with hands. This styling product adds shine to hair and bangs are brushed to the side and styled with fingers.


Auburn short hairstyles are pulled back using hair clips to get a retro style. Rhinestone hair clips make a good contrast with red hair color. However, these clips keep hair away from face. Hair is styled by applying mousse to damp hair. Hair is allowed to dry and scrunched with hands. Bangs are brushed back and clipped to the side. Long bangs are clipped loosely for a bouncy look.

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