Brandy Short Hairstyles

Brandy is a singer and actress who used to wear shiny black hairstyles. She has worn long as well as short hair. Brandy short hairstyles are popular due to texture and razor look. She has sported a variety of short hairstyles at different formal events.


Brandy short hairstyles 2013 have some looks that featured long bangs. These bangs are no longer than three inches in length. Bangs fall on the eyes while rest of the hair is short enough to show off neck. A hair stylist gives this short hairstyle with bangs. The ends of hair are smoothed out and lie flat around the head. Hair is cut close to the scalp but front hair is slightly longer. Brandy short hairstyles are styled with mousse and styling balm to prevent frizz and flyways. This hairstyle needs to be maintained with regular trimmings. Usually, black hair is suitable for this sleek hairstyle.


Brandy short hairstyles are also styled with spikes. A short haircut with even length is ideal for this hairstyle. Moreover, spikes add height to the top of the head. Layers are also added all around the head for additional texture. You can ask hair stylist to give you choppy layers at the crown. Naturally relaxed and loose curly hair works best for spiky hairstyle. In order to get this hairstyle, blow dry your hair after washing them. Hair at the top is straightened with flat iron. Pomade or mousse is rubbed to choppy layers. Hair at the top is twisted into spikes. Rest of the hair is also rubbed with mousse and pomade and twisted gently. Hairspray is sprits all over the head to maintain spikes to wear this hairstyle for several hours.


Brandy short hairstyles also featured a short Afro. This hairstyle is popular among black women who like to wear short hairstyles. Women who have tight curly hair to grow out so that they look like circles. A hair stylist will give you even haircut for tight curly hair. This short Afro hairstyle is maintained with frequent trimmings after every 7 weeks.

Although Brandy short hairstyles are easily styled for short hair length but they need to be maintained and styled with appropriate styling products. A sleek bob hairstyle of Brandy is another option for black women. This hairstyle featured an even length with straight bangs. She kept her bangs on the side for a glamorous look. A short pixie haircut is the latest hairstyle worn by Brandy. She styled this haircut with side parting. Plenty of styling gel is rubbed all around the head to get a slicked look.


Brandy short hairstyles 2013 need care by using anti-frizz serum so that hair doesn’t look brittle and frizzy. Curly hair must be washed and rubbed with leave in conditioner.

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