Short Hairstyles

This year Short Hairstyles are in fashion and many girls and women are chopping off their long hair to shorter ones. But you must find out if short haircuts suit your face shape. Some of the most popular Short hairstyles include the pixie cut, bob cut and shag cut. The pixie cut is very stylish and look great on all face shapes. Girls who have wide forehead can get side swept bangs with pixie cut to focus the eyes and to hide the forehead. If you are a person with round face then short haircuts can do wonders for you. But you must keep the sides short and the top must be longer. If you have oval face and high cheekbones then pixie cut will accentuate your facial features.

If you have oval face shape with strong personality then you are an ideal candidate for wearing bob cut or the Cleopatra cut. There are many variations for bob cut and the blunt bob is very among celebrities. Those who have long face with a sleek look must opt for short hairstyles that fall at the chin length. These hairstyles have deep parting of the sides so that volume and fullness can be added to the face to make it look round. Women who have high cheekbones can get asymmetrical bob cut that wills how off their bone structure. In fact, sleek and asymmetrical short hairstyles are meant to enhance the cheekbones more beautifully.

There are many women who have long necks and often face difficulty in selection of an appropriate hairstyle. Short Hairstyles are there to highlight the neck but there is a trick to make the neck look longer. If you have long neck then you should not cut your hair above the chin. You can ask the hair stylist to give you the haircut keeping in mind the length of the neck. Long necks also look great with long bob and you can style them straight.

If you have square face shape then you must get the hairstyle just below the jaw. You most always keep in mind that you should not cut the hair above the jaw because by doing so jaw is focused and attention in diverted from other facial features. You can also try parting the hair slightly on the center so that the square shape is made slightly asymmetrical. There are women who have heart shaped face. Such women should not get short hair length than their chin. This hairstyle will give their face a straight and soft look with side swept bangs.

Women who have round faces can get long layers with bob cut to get the angular look. Layers are popular for adding volume and symmetry to the face. But remember to add volume on the top of the head instead of adding volume to the sides of the face.