Hairstyles for Prom

Hairstyles for prom are categorized into three domains mainly updo hairstyles for prom, down do hairstyles for prom and half up half down hairstyles for prom. If you have long hair it is recommended that you should go for down dos or half up half dos. What better occasion would it be other than prom to show off that gorgeous mane of yours. If you half medium length hair than you should choose updos or half up half down dos depending on your mood, your hair texture and most importantly your cut.

Hairstyles for prom should always contrast well with your prom dress. The neckline of your dress plays an important role in choosing from the hairstyles for prom. If you have a wide and deep neckline you can opt for both an updo or down do hairstyle for prom. If you prom dress has a high collar or ban neckline than you should opt for a chignon or side bun as your choice of hairstyle for prom.


If you have wavy hair the ideal hairstyle for prom for you would be to make an elegant half bun at the back of your neck. And decorate it with rhinestones or jewel encrusted pins. Leave the rest of the waves cascading down your back. You can also wind a string of pearls around the bun or a jewl encrusted string. A side bun looks really elegant with some tresses protruding out of it at your shoulder you can adorn the other side of our head with some lilies, gladiolas or orchids depending on the colour of your dress.


You can also for a dead straight look on your prom night if you have round and chubby face. This hairstyle for prom looks especially becoming if you have waist or hip length hair. Everybody present at the prom night would not help but wonder at the sheer beauty of your hair. Make sure you apply liberal amounts of straightening serum to your hair prior to straightening them as they tend to develop wave otherwise after a while. You would literally make men ogle at the sheath of hair that would glint light in a charming manner.


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