Prom Hairstyles for Short Hair

prom hairstyles for short hair can be decided on your exact hair length, haircut and hair texture. Prom hairstyles also need to contrast well with your dress. The cut of your dress especially the bodice fitting and the neckline has great connection with the way you would want to wear your hair on prom night.

Let us suppose you have been blessed with a mop of curls that falls to your chin.It is a straight hair cut, Then for pro night the ideal hairstyle would be to shampoo your hair then condition them. Apply a thick coat of curl enhancing cream and gloss adding serum to your partially damp hair. Now run your fingers through your hair and do a side partition at the forehead. Make sure you have lovely and lustrous waves framing your face in an elegant manner. This hairstyle is perfect for women with a long face as it gives width and proportion to your face.


You can also opt for a centre partition with the same hairstyle if you have hair that fall to your collarbone. Let the front tresses fall to your collarbone grazing your cheeks in an elegant manner. You can adorn the forehead with some beautiful rhinestones as well to add more glamour.If you have dead straight hair and a chin length bob with layers then the perfect prom hairstyle for short for you would be to do a centre partition and blow dry your layers inwards except for the lowest layer that is to be blow dried outwards. For this you can add some volume on your top by doing a tad bit of backcombing under the longer end of your side partition.

It is good effect for the woman who has a small and round face as it gives your face some length and reduces the roundness of the face.A woman who has a straight cut chin length bob can go for a small puss at her top. She can get some back combing done after applying liberal amounts of styling mousse to her freshly shampooed and partially damp hair. The puff can be adorned with a nice clip or two or with rhinestones to add glitz and glamour to your hairstyle for prom.


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