Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair

Prom hairstyles for long hair can be categorized on the basis of your hair texture. First we would consider dead straight hair. Supposedly your dead straight hair have been cut in layers then the for your prom hairstyle you can choose to go for outwards blow drying of all your layers with a side partition. For this you can apply some styling mousse to your freshly shampooed and partly dampened hair. Next get a good quality ceramic coated hair straight and curl the three inches of your strands of your hair at the ends in an outward fashion. This would give you a very chic look and make you look like a model on your prom night.


If your dead straight hair have been cut with blunt cut bangs in the front and a U shape hair cut at the back then for prom night get some flower, rhinestones or jewel encrusted pins. It is a little difficult to hold the dead straight hair so it would be ideal to adorn them with decorative pins at the side of your hair slightly above the ears or make little string of flowers at the top of head. You can also wear headband that has been adorned with flowers or a beautiful stones.


If you have been blessed with wavy long hair then prom hairstyles can never be a headache for you. You can gather half your hair in an elegant bun at the top of your hair and tie a string of pearls around it. Let the rest of your hair cascade down your back in an elegant fashion. You can make plaits of half your hair gather at the back of your head and entwine a rope of pearls in the braid. You can also entwine a flower garland in your braid. If you have hip length long hair then make a loose braid of your gorgeous wavy main and take out our tresses at the front in a side partition manner. Add some rhinestones in your braid and let your tresses freane yur face in a becoming manner. This hairstyle though traditional is very alluring and enticing.


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