Mid Length Wavy Hairstyles

Mid length hair is also known as shoulder length hair. This hair length is neither too short nor too long. The length of hair is at the level of shoulders that can be tied into a ponytail. Mid length wavy hairstyles give a bouncy look with layered haircut. Highlights and bangs give a modern look to wavy hair.


Loose mid length wavy hairstyles give a textured and bouncy look to hair. Texture of medium length is enhanced with a curling iron. A curling iron of medium barrel is ideal for enhancing the curly locks. Many people have tight curly hair looks springy and full of movement. You can get a carefree and playful hairstyle with tight curly hair. Tight curly hair is styled with anti-frizz serum so that moisture is restored for longer duration.


Mid length wavy hairstyles with bangs add a smooth look to hair. These bangs fall across the forehead and give feminine and soft looks. You must ensure that curls are neither loose nor tight when styling them with bangs. Naturally curly hair is straightened with flat iron to get smooth bangs.


There is another option of styling mid length wavy hairstyles with layers and highlights. Highlights are meant to add definition and enhance natural hair texture when combined with layers. You can ask for blonde hairstyles to get a trendy appearance. Thin hair looks voluminous with layers and curls.


Some of the retro hairstyles are also created for medium length hair. It is very easy to create retro mid length wavy hairstyles with natural curly hair. You need to use anti-frizz serum before using a blow dryer. Rollers are wrapped around the hair and allowed to cool. Mist your hair with hairspray before removing the rollers. As a result, you will get tousled mid length wavy hairstyles.


Pin curls look great and easily styled with naturally curly hair. Curly hair is misted with water and secured after coiling them. You can wear a shower cap before going to bed and take out the bobby pins in the morning. You will get gorgeous retro wavy hairstyle.


Some other mid length wavy hairstyles includes rocker waves. You can define your naturally curly hair to make them look edgy and full of life. In order to get best results, you must create this hairstyle for unwashed hair because freshly washed hair doesn’t show natural texture. A flat iron is used to smooth out the edges of hair. You should not run flat iron throughout your hair. The roots are flipped by turning head upside down and using a blow dryer. You can tease the top hair to get additional volume. A finished look is achieved by misting hair with hairspray. You can also add hair accessories to enhance the hairstyle.

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