Medium Layered Hairstyles

Many hairstyle shave been introduced this season that look elegant and classic. Shaggy hairstyle is one of the medium layered hairstyles that have gained popularity in the last few years. In fact, you can call it a modern shaggy look that is cut with medium length.


If you have medium hair length and want to get a new look for your personality then opt for shaggy layered haircut. After getting this haircut you will notice a dramatic change in your appearance. There are many options for styling with shaggy layers as you can make ponytails, updos and curls. Normally women like to wear this haircut in two different ways. The first one is the curly is messy look and the second one is the straight one. When you get medium layered hairstyles both the looks will help you in easy styling with less maintenance.


Those who have got medium layered hairstyles and want to style the hair in a messy or curly then you can follow simple steps to style your hair differently. Begin with washing your hair and drying with a towel. Now brush the hair with large tooth comb and apply volumizing product to add volume to the hairstyle. The volumizing spray must be added to the back and scrunch the entire hair with your hands. This process will give you waves and when the hair is dry use a hairspray to hold the medium layered hairstyles. It is how can get a simple messy and curly look for your medium hairstyles.


If you like to wear straight medium layered hairstyles then wash the hair and dry with a towel and apply frizz control serum and brush the hair. Use a blow dryer to dry the hair completely and part the hair as desired. After you are sure that hair is completely dry, take strands of hair and straight them with the help of a flat iron. You can begin at the back and move to t he front making sure that all hair has been straightened. At the end, use a hair spray to hold the hairstyle for longer time period.

The more layers you add to your haircut, it becomes more difficult to maintain the style. Hence, many women prefer getting less layers and combine layered haircut with shaggy cut. If you have got medium layers then it is good to trim your hair after eight weeks to keep the layers in proper shape. Many hair stylists also suggest using a conditioner on regular basis to mange the layers easily. It will also help to avoid split ends and add shine to the layered hairstyle. The trick is not to use too much of styling products and tools to keep the natural texture of the hair safe and healthy.


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