Long curly hairstyles

Long curly hairstyles are plenty but we shall be discussing the ones that are highly prioritized in our favor. For the first hairstyle you must apply a good amount of curl control cream into your hair. Massage the cream well into your hair so that no inch of your hair is left out. Once thoroughly massaged well now set your curls into a diffuser noticing and carefully reminding yourself to put it on a medium heat setting. This hairstyle is ideal for oval, heart and round faces. Once your hair is diffused you can pull all your hair back into a high pony tail securing your hair with metal free elastic as metal free elastic helps to avoid any kind of hair damage and breakage.


The next hairstyle for long curly hair is to allow your curly hair to slow by naturally. You can absolutely apply a spray on your hair so that it prevents from looking messy and rough after a while. But as we say that the natural the hair the better it looks rather than being styled 24 hours. Your hair must be left alone for a while as it is able to breathe and relax from all the stress that it is going under Your hair might even suffer damage if not properly taken care of. The next hair style is best for square, round, diamond and oval face cuts. All you have do is towel dry your hair after you have washed your hair well. Once dried well apply a smoothing cream on the top of your dried hair and a curl defining cream to the ends/ mid-lengths of your hair. Comb or brush your hair well so that the cream is applied thoroughly on your hair. But remember to focus on the parts where the cream is separately applied. Do not comb all the way through. Allow yourself to create curls by diffusing them from the middle to the end by leaving out of the top of the hair for a separate blow dry that you must do in the start. If too messy you can always flat iron them. Finish your hairstyle by spraying a holding hairspray so that your curls remain intact. The next long curly hairstyle allows you to remind that the less work on your hair the more better they shall look. After properly washing your hair, apply a leave in conditioner to your moist and damp hair. Once applied well you may comb it through with the help of a wide tooth comb.  Once your hair has dried you are now strictly prohibited to touch your hair. As the more you will fiddle with your hair the more frizz you shall gain. To prevent frizziness it is important that you shouldn’t wash your hair everyday as it is caused by dryness in the first place. If your shampoo contains sulfate then it is highly advised that you must wash your hair maximum two times a well.


Long curly hairstyles can also be achieved by another hairstyles that will look good on heart, oval, diamond and long faces. All you have to do is apply again work curl defining cream well into your hair that has been towel dried. By switching onto medium heat setting diffuse your hair with the help of a blow dryer. After the diffuse step is completed and you are satisfied you must part your hair to one side. Take one inch wide section of hair and fold it under after working your hair from one side to another. Once completed secure each section of your hair to the under portion side of your hair which will be near to your neckline. Once you have fully secured you must now twist the ends upwards which will be against your hair on the inner side and then gently slide the bobby pin into the length wards position of the twist that you created just above so that you can attain a tight and firm grip so that this hairstyle doesn’t fall down or mess up afterwards.


You can then spray any kind of holding spray to your hairstyle once you have secured your hair with the help of bobby pins. The next long curly hairstyle is by using only your hands. Loosely and gently gather your hair and make sure that you have gathered every inch of your hair and move upwards to the center of your head. Once positioned on the top of your head secure your secured hair with the help of elastic. If you have any short hair that has been cutted into layers they will fall down but you must not worry while tumbling down as they won’t mean any harm in the process of your hairstyle as they will help you frame your face. Rub pomade between the palms of your hair and apply it to your hair to smoothen out the sides of your hair. This will only help you get a more refine and polished look. Once pomade is applied now you may pull it up tighter. Jojoba oil is recommended as styling product towards your curly hair. Another long curly hairstyle that you may follow up on is just by securing the top half of your hair and then gently pulling it back as well as smoothing it out with the help of your finger tips.  Choose any hair elastic that matches your hair color and secure well. A well known tip for those who have curly hair and want minimum hair damage as well as breakage is to sleep on a satin pillow case. All these hairstyles can style up those long curly hairs and for those who have been wanting to have curly hair but due to their long hair they had been facing trouble issues. Having long hair is a bliss and one should be thankful for there are plenty these days who are suffering from hair breakage and hair damage and are as not fortunate as you are.


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