Hair Styles for long hair

Long hair looks great and adds to the attraction of women, but managing long hair can be a problem and become boring if we don’t style them properly. So; if you are bored with long hair and don’t know what to do with it then, here are a few styles you can try and experiment on your hair and look great.


Hairstyles for long hair vary according to the shape of the face. The shape of the face is an important factor in determining what kind of a hair style would suit you best so always be very careful about that. Long loose curls would be a very safe hair style and goes with just about all types of faces but oval faces rock in this style. Super large loose curls grace the ends and give the overall style volume. You can get the loose curls by blowing out the hair after adding some styling crème and heat protection spray to damp curls and any root lifting product in the roots. Depending on the texture of your hair you may need more or less of a product. Take strands of hair and set hair in largest rollers and spray with hairspray, then apply some heat if available (Nowadays iron rods are available to achieve the curls).Let the hair cool on the rollers completely before removing. You can use a special brush to smooth through the curls while wrapping around your fingers to protect the curls .After this set the style using some finishing spray that adds shine and volume but at the same time doesn’t stiffen the hair. The good part about making this hairstyle is that while styling the hands are free and can be used for make-up.


Simply straightening the hair by ironing (using a ceramic hair straightner) and leaving it untied is also a great hair style for long hair and is achieved with very less effort. Do rub in a little vitamin E serum (available in different brands and products) to give a shinier look and reduce any damage done from the heat, and you can also use a finishing spray.


A hairstyle with long wavy highlights is a killer sexy style which is show-stopping with delicate glow of sunny highlights and a few expertly placed lowlights. This hairstyle also goes with every face if you have the attitude for it. The hair can be blown out with a large round brush after spraying in a little texturizing spray. Wrap random sections of dry hair around the barrel of a large curling iron. Pull on the ends to stretch them out if they are too tight or bouncy while they are still hot. Then comb through the curls using your fingers, once you are done putting them in to soften them up, then spray with a light hold hairspray. Smooth bangs using the curling iron or flat iron if you need to. These are just some hairstyles that can made with long hair , but believe me you can do wonders with long hairstyling.

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