Hair parts and their definitions on face

Hair parts and their definitions on face will help you to understand that what hair portioning means infact to the face and how can they totally can change your look and face structure. It isn’t necessary that you have to opt for a chop that looks super epic to you and get a hair transformation by dyeing out your hair. In order to be casual with your hair shuffle up a bit of your hair parts instead of going for the normal part can definitively bring a new style to you. And oh have we forgotten to tell you that this method is absolutely insane because not only it is quick and easy for those lazy girls that keep complaining of not having enough time to look good as the other, absolutely pain free which will help you to go easy on your hair and not hurt them by braiding them into a tight knot and you can keep switching the parts so this look is temporary that is no need to chop off your hair or etc. All you have to do is choose your part and look good with it. We assure you that you will most certainly will look good but remember to take a snap shot and see for yourself that which of the hair parts are you rocking and which of the hair parts do not suit you the most.


The first hair part is the most famous 90s flip part. What is the main characteristic of this part is that it heightens your hair by extending your hair into a flip mode. This helps to brighten your face. And if you are seeking out to hide your bangs then this is the perfect part for you. Your starting point of your flip will be above the natural arch of your own very brow. Now for a 90s flip you must enhance that flip so in order to do that use any good styling wax and run in your front hair. This will give more volume and definition to your flip. Now you are definitely ready to rock this hairstyle. This can be paired with a side braid or let alone the flip is enough to turn other people attention towards you. In order to create symmetry on either side of your face and you want to lengthen and broaden your face you can opt for a middle part. The best way to achieve the middle part is to choose the most center point between your brows. And align that with the bridge of your nose. In order to style this middle part we advise you that you play with your hair and give them soft beach curls. This will frame your face in more ways than you can imagine. The last hair part that we will be discussing with your is the diagonal part. This is for those ladies who want to make their face appear slimmer and more toned up. AS this creates volume at the back and helps to elongate your face with the side swoop. You can tease your hair at the back once your part is finished. This will create volume, richness and texture.

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