Hairstyles for Long Faces

Women having long face shapes want to get such a hairstyle that can give them a round shape. It is the selection of the hairstyle that can help them to hide the long shape. The first step in getting hairstyles for long faces is to make sure that you really have a long face. To find out your long face shape you can see some pictures or simply ask your hair stylist. After you have identified that you have long face shape you can start searching for hairstyles for long faces.


It is believed that long faces can not wear all the hairstyles. That’s why it is necessary to select the hairstyle carefully. Some of the popular hairstyles for long faces that can help you to emphasize the facial features include cutting if hair into layers and bob. But you must make sure that the hairstyle do not add length to the face otherwise the face will look even longer. It means that you must avoid wearing hairstyles for long faces that are extra long. You can style the hair with short or medium hair lengths to make the face look round. If you like bob cut then you must get short bob instead of long bob.

Not all the short hairstyles for long faces look good on girls with long faces. In fact, shirt haircuts add height to the head so you can get pixie crop cut. The best hairstyles for long faces are those that can add volume on the side of the face. The volume must be added on the sides to balance the overall look of the face. These hairstyle scan also be combined with layers and flicks. Bangs are another great option for long faces that will give you a soft look. You can get bangs at the eye brows level to highlight the eye brows. Bangs are a great source of hiding the wide forehead and help you to minimize the length of the face. Girls with long faces can wear bangs at eye brows or at the eyes level.

Cheeks need great attention when you have long face shape. You must add volume to the sides of the cheeks to give the face a round look. The simplest way to achieve the volume is to get a layered haircut. If you have naturally curly hairs then try to arrange them in the cheeks for getting volume. If you have naturally thick hair, you dint need to create to volume as you can simply get layered haircut that will give your face a round look. In short, all you need is to get such a hairstyle that emphasize your cheeks and hide the forehead so that roundness is added.

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