Hairstyles for Long Hair

There are so many gorgeous hairstyles for women having long hair. They get opportunities to wear updos or braids. One can find so many hairstyles for long hair but one must also know how to style and wear such hairstyles. The first hairstyle that can be styled with long hair is obtained by creating waves. The wavy hairstyles have been worn by almost all the celebrities. Long hair with waves looks gorgeous and elegant. If you have straight hair you can use curling iron or hot rollers to get the desired lose or tight curls and waves. You can get curls o permanent as well as temporary basis.


If you don’t want to get permanent curls or perms then you can opt for pin curls. To get these curls, wash and dry your hair with towels so that they must become damp. Divide the hair into sections and wrap each section around your finger and secure them with bobby pins. Repeat the process for all the sections and blow dry the hair. After all the hair sections are dried, remove the bobby pins and you are ready with your curly hairstyles for long hair.


There is another option of getting bangs that fall on the eyes. You can get side swept bangs that can also be tied at the back. There is a variety of bangs including side swept bangs, asymmetrical bangs and front bangs. Bangs hairstyles for long hair with layered haircut enhance the overall look by emphasizing the facial features. Next hairstyles for long hair include French braids. The classic French braid look elegant and suits all face types. You can also get sideways French braids that is created by parting the side hair and braiding them along the hairline. This hairstyle will also keep the hairs secure and prevent then from falling on the face.

The most popular long hairstyles are the layered hairstyle that does not need much styling and maintenance. Layered hairstyle suits well on long hair lengths and frame the face by highlight eyes, cheeks and facial structure. Braided long hairstyles are another option for women who want to get a secure look. You can make a simple and traditional braid by dividing the back hair in three sections and twisting them around one another. You can also make French braid, fish bone tail and side braids.

Another easy hairstyle for long hair is the bun or updos. Mostly women like to wear updos in summer season. The popular form of buns and updos is the half up style that is liked by teenagers and young girls. Usually girls and women opt for updos for formal occasions. You can choose any of the above mentioned hairstyles for your face shape.

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