Top 14 Scrumptious Vibrant Hues for Red Blonde Sombre Hairstyle 2017

This New Year the ombre hair color has improved and the new version of ombre is sombre. Sombreis a new concept in hairstyle industry in which the roots are kept rough than ombre and the color mixed are seamless. Sombre goes further than balayage as it deals with more color shades and hues.


The roots are darker while goes lighter with the length. The colors are blended in such a way that there is no sudden contrast and to achieve it spectrum color systems are available.The sombre is perfect for blonde but the brunette can alsogo for it while using golden shades, honey and more caramel hues.


Blonde sombre:
The blonde sombre can be achieved in few easy steps which start from dividing the hair in quadrants and start applying color from the back. Color is applied in the form of ribbons or in inches sections. The section is waved and then painted. After coloring the hair the ends are soaked with flawless blend. Foils are used to keep the colored section neat and clean so that it does not blend with one another.The above method is adopted by expertise to balayage the whole hair. The color is kept for at least one hour and then washed out.


Caramel sombre:
To get the caramel sombre the stylist will go through different steps which start from applying caramel shades on the roots and any blonde hue to lift up the color. The color is applied using balayage method.The whole process may take one hour.

 caramel shades on the roots and any blonde hue to lift up the color

Magnificent blonde sombre:
Magnificent blonde is any perfect for fair skin tones and lighter hair shades gets the best result. It may take twice appointment to stylist to get the desired color.You will go through these steps to get the hair transformation. Any recommended multi blonde powder is applied on entire head and covered with foil. The larger amount of blonde powder or product is used on front section as compared to back. Than highlighter are applied in between the foils. Leave it for 45 minutes to one hour and rise with shampoo. Colors are applied on the roots to make it even by root touchup.


Khloe blonde sombre:
This blonde by first channeledby khloe khardashian a famous TV person. She went bold and confident with this blonde.Here how can you get the khloe blonde following few steps.First apply a light brown ash and medium blonde ash shade on entire head. Make sure the colors used are of equal amount. Keep it for 35 minutes and shampoo it and dry out. Use balayage method and color the head,dry it with sunlight. You can use color developer to get the perfect shade. This process will take 25 minutes. Rinse and dry out. Apply conditioner and rise after 10 minutes.

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