Summer Hair Color Ideas for Short Hairstyle 2017

Summer is arriving, you will probably want to get better look and get new hairstyle. You can get new look by having new haircut and getting coloring. There are varieties of colors you can apply this season.


You can go for icy blonde, brunette hue, reddish shade this season. The trendiestcolors this Summer are darker brown, cool blonde hue, orange, and others.


Medium brown caramel glaze:
The caramel glaze is the most amazing hair color this Summer. To get the better color combine two shades of brown and highlight with lighter hue in ribbons. If you have long hair apply the highlights on the layers it will give awesome result.

brown caramel glaze is the most amazing hair color this summer

Mid –length chocolate brownie:
Have a great new year with an awesome hairstyle. Those who don’t want to look too bold can go for this hair color. It is a very decent color for this season. The color is not applied on the roots but starts at the mid way. Lighter chestnut shades are given to dark brown hair which looks stunning on curls.


Very dark burgundy ombre:
The very burgundy ombre looks amazing on long hair with layers or waves. The color applied is blackish blue or plum. It looks awesome on brunette with medium to dark skin tones.


Pearl blonde ombre:
This Summer the blonde can go for pearl blonde ombre. It gives soft t and stunning look. Before applying the hair color consult your stylist in choosing the right shade according to your complexion.


Black and roasted cacao bean brown:
The black roasted cacao bean brown is trendy this Summer and it is for brunette. You can apply this color with black roots and cacao bean brown highlights to get more attractive hair. This hair color can works well on medium to dark skin tones and hair that is light to dark brown and black.


Cinnamon spiced chestnut brown:
The roots are kept dark which goes chestnut accent at the mid and the hair is highlighted by cinnamon hues. It is very easy and effortless hairstyle .you can carry this hair color on short to medium hair. Layers and waves will rocks with this hair color idea.

cinnamon spiced chestnut brown

Fire and fortune orange pop:
You want to go bold this Summer? This amazing hair color is fit for blonde this Summer to get more color and fun. It works on short hair with curls. The hair is highlight with random yellow highlights.


Classic deep mahogany brown with balayage:
This hair color is very classic and romantic which can be carried this Summer. In this style the base is kept dark and the length is highlighted by medium brown hue. Before applying the color make sure the color suit your skin tones.

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