Really Top 11 Cute Straight Long Braids Hairstyles 2017 - 2018

There are numerous ways to style long hair but have endless options in braid and updo for long hair. Carry long hair in curls and straight is quite difficult job so braids are the better option for long hair.


You might need someone for braiding if too long hair but the expertise can do it their selves. All you need for braiding is a styling spray or gel, elastic, bobby pins and a brush.


Messy fishtail braid:
The messy fishtail hair style need a bit practice at the start once you get used to it you will need one or two minutes to get it. If you want your braid wider you need to take more hair and less hair for normal braid.

To get the hairstyle comb your dry hair and pull it to the lower back, and start making a traditional fishtail braid. Stop at an inch left at the end and secure with elastic. Take a small piece of hair from the pony and wrap it around the elastic. This hairstyle works well on long hairstyle.


Waterfall braid for long hair:
Waterfall braid is the trendiest hairstyle for long hair which never gets out of fashion. The hairstyles actually start from one side at the front and ends at other end. The hairstyle can be carried for parties, office and other events it rocks everywhere.


The hairstyle can be achieved in these few steps. Blow dry hair and create a side part. Now take three piece of hair from the forehead and start braiding toward the crown and back. While braidings keep one piece of the braid fall and add another one from the scalp. Continue braiding until reaches the other side of head at the back. Use a holding spray at the end.


The boho braid:
The boho hairstyle works well on long straight hair and gives amazing result. This hairstyle can be carried for casual date, any musical show or outing with friends. It looks good with bangs but those who don’t have bangs can also for this hairstyle.


To get the hairstyle start with blow dry, keep your hair rough and divide your hair from the centre from front to back end. Take three section of hair at the crown section and start braiding toward the back, stop when reaches the neck. Secure with bobby pin and repeat the same step on other side. When done remove the bobby pin and use elastic to secure it. Make lower ponytail of the reaming length.


Big side braid:
This is another amazing hairstyle for straight long hair. Comb your hair to one side and start creating braid keeping the braid wider will look amazing. Keep in mind the braiding starts from the crown section and will end at the length. Keep an inch at the end and secure with elastic.

big side braid-for long hair 2017 2018

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