Oil Slick Hair Colors for Summer 2017

Blonde are seen with colorful hair like pink, blue and gray etc with which they rock. The brunette cannot get these hair color but don’t worry here is a new techniques for brunette to get more stylish. The oil slick is new techniques introduce for dying hair.


There is few color option in oil slick. Mostly used colors are pravana vivid and jaico color intensity. Before going through the process choose hair color that does not blend with each other. Stylish look can be achieved by combing purple, blue, green and yellow. There other color like pink, blackish shade is also used. These colors are mostly applied in ribbon style but you can also apply it in layers.


1.    The diagonal slicing method is the easiest way to get the hair colored. In this method take 5 to 7 slices of hair. Apply the colors you choose on the slices while keeping few slice natural in between.


2.    The second method is the entire head in which a whole hair is colored and it is a complete transformation. In this method the color is applied in vertical sections in a downward direction. The color should be applied very carefully so it do not blend with each other and give purposeful and right design.

 oil slick can be applied on light brunettes and dark blondes

Consult your stylist about the oil slick its cost and how to take carry of it do that the color give the right result.
After discussing all the detail with stylist and choosing hair color and techniques now how search for your skin type that whether you have chosen the right color or not. Keep in mind the oil slick is for brunette who wants to boost up their hair look without damaging their hair.oil slick can be created with lighter shades. The oil slick can be applied on light brunettes and dark blondes.


The color shade can be applied while keep in view your skin tones. The slicing method is thought to be less damaging than transforming the entire hair.


 The cost of oil slick vary from vary to place. Keep in mind that the oil slick method is new so it make charge higher but will give better result.


Different stylists have their own price which they can charge but consider it has a luxury service. It costs from $150 to $ 200 apro which includes hair cut service foiling and coloring process.


Keep in mind that the oil slicking process is new in town and not every single stylist is master in it. So gather knowledge about your stylist and salon you are going through their social media reviews.

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