Most Stylish Mens Short Hairstyles 2017 - 2018

The trendy men short hairstyle 2017 contains the most stylish and sexy hairstyles for men who want to transform their look this year. The short hair is easy and effortless to carry and style.


It is difficult for guys to switch up their style especially for those who love long hair or have long hair. Carrying short hair and looking more stylish might be after problem for men. Well, here we have got the trendy haircuts for men which will help you get the right hairstyle.


Lengthy waves and side fade:
This sexy hairstyle has waves on the top that are longer then the sides. The sides are short and clean. Apply a styling gel into lengths on the tops. Apply waves on the length and use fingers to adjust the hair. Toss the top section and make it look natural.


Tousled top with shave fade:
This relaxed and stylish hairstyle has extra hair at the top section that is lifted and given messy look by using fingers. The sides just below the temples are shaved with don’t need any styling product. Men can carry medium length bread with this hairstyle.


Slicked back with shaved sides:
The slicked back with shaved sides is trendiest hairstyle among men this year. In this hairstyle the top section has medium length hair, which is, ends at the crown section at the back in a V cut. The sides are shaved and need a daily appointment with the stylist. To hold the style use gel on wet hair and comb it in the preferred direction.

 mens hairstyles 2017 2018 slicked back with shaved sides

Platinum toss back with shaved sides:
The platinum toss back with shaved sides is stylish hairstyle which is has long hair at the top while short and shaved hair at the sides. Platinum color is added to this hairstyle which makes the style awesome. Apply gel on the top and comb it toward the crown. The sides need daily shave.


Chic short hairstyle:
This fade chic hairstyle is more stylish which is longer at the top short at the temple section while razor cut at the sides. Short clean shave bread looks great with this cut. To add more style applies any styling product to the top section and use fingers to lift the hair stand. Make the hair look little messy.

 Mens chic short hairstyle trends 2017 2018

Medium length waves:
Men loves hair but carrying it with waves are trending this year. This wavy and messy look hair looks good for causal days. You need some styling product like hair gel and curling iron to get the perfect waves.


Natural curled with strict fade:
Black men usually have natural curled hair and they might be confused how to make them stylish. This short textured hairstyle is perfect for natural curled hair. The hair has a clean and straight cut at the forehead and a concave cut at the temple. The sides are kept short but neat and clean.

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