Hair Colors You Must Adore in Spring/Summer 2017

New hair color are trendingthis summer 2017. You might be thinking for changing your hair color. Luckily for you there’s no better time to boost up your hairstyle.


There are tons of hair color hues available in the market for you.It is totally up to you which shade you want to apply but consult your hair stylist before apply these shades whether it is suitable for your skin tone and natural hair shade.


Tortoiseshell hair color:
Those who want to love trendy and stylish and on the other hand love to carry causal hair and beachy look can go for this amazing hairstyle. The tortoiseshell hair color is same as ombre which is a combination of three color shades. A dark base which goes lighter at the mid and grows golden at the ends.


 Hair contouring:
Hair contouring is one of the best way to change your hair color and style.the method is adopted to add morehighlights and make you more attractive. Consult your hair stylist to choose the shade and on which part of hair to apply the highlights.mostly contouring is done around the face which also help in face framing.


Unnatural hair color:
Those who don’t want to go for light and bright color has also best option like grey and lighter red etc. these hair color seemed to be vanished for a long time but now trendy this summer. You can also apply brighter color hues with unnatural color to gain more color. All skin tones can go for this hair color this summer to gain more attraction.


Rose Gold:
rose gold is a combination of red and blonde hair shades and suitable to blondes and lighter to medium skin tones.the hair color is sexy and fun to be carried. The base in this hairstyle are kept darker red which goes lighter at medium and ends.

 rose gold blonde hair shades lighter to medium skin tones

 Pastel highlights:
Are you one of those who wants to look stylish but affaried of adding color? Here you have the best option, you can go for pastel highlights this summer and get more attractive looks. Pink,blue and purple hues can be applied as a highlighter.this hairstyle works on women with light to medium skin tones and lighter natural hair color.


Opal hair coloring:
The opal hair coloring is a advacnced method of pastel highlights and using this method you can add more heat to your traditional pastel shades. In opal a person needs more than one hair shade,the highlights are done by combing various highlightres.rainbow shades are the most common shades used in opal hair coloring but you can aslo add other color.make sure that the color do not blend with eachother.the color should be applied by professional to avoid blonder.light to medium skin tones are suitalbe for this hair color.

opal hair coloring is a advacnced method of pastel highlights


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