Caramel & Blonde Hair Color Ideas for Fall/Winter 2017 - 2018 with Glowing Tones of Brown

Do you want to boost up your brunette locks?  Well! There is a solution for you, add different shades of caramel to layers as well as curls and waves. You can also add caramel as overall color or just highlight your hair it is totally up to you. Get bold, soft and delicate look by applying different shades of caramel.


Brown, caramel and blonde color mix:
The brown reddish tones are famous shades balayage. You can get it by adding chocolate brown hues to the roots or base color while adding chunky caramel hue as a highlighter on the edges. This hair color works on women with blonde hair or light brown hair.


Vanilla mocha swirl:
The vanilla mocha swirl is any amazing idea in getting hair colored. To boost up your hair style add vanilla caramel highlights in form of ribbons while keep the base dark mocha. This idea can be applied for both long and short hair. For long hair carry waves and apply the caramel highlights on the waves to get more texture. The hair color works o women with medium skin hue. Natural brownish hair will rock on this hair color idea.


Creamy caramel:
The creamy caramel hair color is mostly applied through balayage. Add a caramel highlight on hair and keep the base of the hair chocolate brown. This not only highlights your look but also gives texture and the hair that is natural brownish can get the best result. A brunette who wants to get more style can go for this idea. Medium skin tones look great with this hair color.


Caramel ombre:
Ombre is any amazing method of getting the hair colored. In ombre the roots are darker while get lighter to the lengths and edges. If you want to switch your hair color you can go for caramel ombre, in which you will get brown reddish color at the roots while adding more light caramel on the edges. Hair color that are natural brownish will get the best result. Ladies with light to medium skin tones will look great with this hair color.

 caramel ombre hair color ideas for fall winter 2017 2018

Caramel dream:
Want to change your look? Get your hair highlighted by caramel tones in the form of ribbons and dark chocolate brown on the base. It will soften up your look and gives texture. If you have long medium to long hair and you love curls then go for caramel dream. The caramel highlights on the curls will boost up your entire look. This rich reddish brown shade will work on ladies with medium skin hairs. Natural chocolate brown hair will achieve the best result.


caramel dream reddish brown shade will work on ladies with medium skin hairs


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