Victoria Beckham Hairstyles

Victoria Beckham hairstyles with short and sassy looks are quite popular. Victoria got a pixie cut with sharp layers around the skull. The top layers were of longer length and fringes enhanced the overall look of the hairstyle. The final touch to the hairstyle is given by getting a soft look at the ends with a razor. After you have got the similar haircut, you can style it applying styling gel or mousse and blow dry them to add volume. The volume must be maintained at the lower areas of the head.


At the end, you can get the final touch by applying pomade. Victoria Beckham hairstyles with long hair lengths can be styled be getting layers around the face. The layers added volume to the hairstyle and her honey colored highlights made her look extremely sexy and gorgeous. Victoria was seen wearing long tapered hairstyle with blonde hair color on the sides. You can get the looks by using straightening cream to the hair and blow drying them making sure that layers are directed underneath.


You can also add height to the crown by back combing the front hair.Victoria has worn another long hairstyle by adding slight waves to the ends to her hair extensions. This hairstyle suited her facial structure and she looked beautiful. You can wear this hairstyle by applying wax or gel to damp hair and scrunching the ends with your fingers. The messy waves will give you a casual look. Victoria Beckham hairstyles are seen in different colors. She has got blonde color for her inverted bob haircut.

This color with bob cut suited her the most. She has also got black color with her pixie haircut. You can try both the looks for short hair lengths.A tousled and messy hairstyle of Victoria can be obtained by getting a short haircut and applying styling gel to them. Add volume to the hair by blow drying and use your fingers to apply pomade and push the bangs forward to get the tousled look. The edgy and diagonal short bob hairstyle of Victoria is also popular among those who like to wear short hairstyles.


This hairstyle can be styled by applying mousse to your damp hair and making large sections for blow drying. Use styling cream with your fingers and part the hair diagonally and keep the bangs on the side. A hairspray can be spray to set the hairstyle.Girls who have long hair lengths and want to get Victoria Beckham hairstyles must start with using a styling gel to the damp hair and add volume by blow drying. Now take the lower sections of hair and wrap them around a curling iron of medium barrel to get curls. Use a shin spray to get glossy look for the hairstyle.


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