Victoria Beckham Haircut

Victoria Beckham is known to have gorgeous short hairstyle and many girls love to get her hairstyle. Here are some easy steps to get Victoria Beckham haircut. You can ask your hair stylist to give you her haircut .


Make sure that you have washed your hair before getting any celebrity hairstyle. The hair must be wet and analyze the starting point of the hair line. If you are a hair stylist them you must section the back hair across the top and from ear to ear. Now start combing the hair and make them smooth. The hair must be cut along the natural hair line. Lift the chin of your client and make her head tuned to left just over her shoulders. Now comb the hair and find the hair line that starts from ear to jaw.


Give her a straight and clean cut at her jaw line and repeat the same procedure for other side of hair. This procedure will give your client a graduated bob cut just like that of Victoria. The back hair must be kept shorter as compared to the front ones in order to frame the face. Now begin with cutting layers by taking sections of one inch and cut them at an angle of 45 degrees. Continue cutting layers at the back of the head. Victoria Beckham haircut includes layers to add volume and bounce to the hairstyle.


This is why you are required to give your client a layered haircut with graduated bob cut.Now keep on cutting layers to the left and the left back area of the head. Similarly give layers at right sides and right back of the head so that both sides get a balanced look. But make sure that this is the point where you must cut some graduated layers. At this point of giving Victoria Beckham haircut, you need to connect to front hair with the back without losing the length of haircut. You can get short hair from the top and section them down.


The line must be short to long while placing the longest part at the front. Keep on making sections on the top and cutting of corners so that you can connect then at the front. You should not cut much hair when you reach the temples. Now blend the side hair by making vertical sections at the bottom. You should add slight corner at this point. You will get a perfect graduated bob Victoria Beckham haircut at this point. If your client wants a more edgy look then use a razor to add texture to the haircut. After the haircut is done, you should blow dry the hair to give a finished look and applying some styling gel to show the layers.


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