Taylor Swift Hairstyles

If you have natural waves in your hair then you are an ideal candidate to get the Taylor Swift hairstyles. Otherwise you can get hair extensions to fulfill your desire of getting curly hairstyles like that of Taylor.

To begin with creating the perfect look you need to start with washing your hair with a volumising shampoo and conditioner. After washing the hair use a root lifter on the roots of hair and apply volumising mousse, wax or gel to the hair. You are required to blow dry the hair and mist them with the help of an active spray. Now clip the hair up horizontally and start clipping the hair at the nape. Take a curling iron and wrap hair strands around the barrel to curl the hair.


After you have curled all the hair you must mist the curls with the help of a hairspray so that curls stay in proper shape. You are done with one of the gorgeous Taylor Swift hairstyles. One of her adorable hairstyles can be created by following below mentioned easy instructions.Begin with brushing your hair to make them tangle free and keep them on one side. Now divide them into two sections that consist of equal hair. One section must be closer to back of the neck and other must be closer to the front.

The back section must be twisted towards the ear and make sure that the shorter layers kept close to the ear. Now take longer hair under the back section and pull this lock under the front section hence creating a loop. This loop is called the winding lock. This lock must be kept under the back section. Loop this lock in the same manner as you did earlier. Repeat the winding process again to create a loop on both the sides. Secure the winding locks under the section so that hair stays on their place.


You can use bobby pins for securing these locks. You can also use pins on the smaller strands of hair to keep the entire hairstyle neat and tidy. At the end don’t forget to use a hairspray to hold the hairstyle so that you can wear throughout the day. You can try this hairstyle with medium and long hair lengths. You can even try adding hair accessories to the hairstyle to make it more glamorous. There is another option of r-ecreating this hairstyle with creating thick winding locks and looping it only once. Waves and curls to the ends of hair will look perfect for the weddings.


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