Taylor Swift New Hair

Taylor Swift new hair can suit shoulder length haircuts. Start with parting your hair in the middle or you can part then to the sides and make sections of hair. Take a section form the crown of the head and place the strand in between the plates of the flat iron. The direction of using a flat iron must be from roots to the end.

Repeat the process for all strands of hair until you get a smooth and straight look for the shoulder length hair.Taylor Swift new hair can also be styled in form of an updo. Her updo hairstyle is a nice way to get a formal and stylish look for some special occasions. This formal Taylor Swift new hair can be re-created with addition of ringlets. Those who have naturally curly or wavy hair need not to worry about getting perfect ringlets.


On the other hand, those who have naturally straight hair can use rollers or curling iron to get the ringlets. In order to style this beautiful updo you can take small sections of hair and place them in the curling iron or roll them on the hot rollers. Don’t forget to add mousse or wax to the ringlets to get a perfect texture. In order to get the tidy and neat ringlets you should always start with washing and blow drying your hair and apply some mousse to the hair and wrap the sections of hair on the roller.

The direction of blow dryer must be careful selected so that a lot of volume and body can be added to the hair. When rollers have cooled down take them out and use your fingers to style the curls. If you have thin hair and still want to get this stylish ringlet hairstyle then there is an option of adding hair extensions that will add a voluminous effect to the curls.


It is also suggested to use hair rollers overnight instead of using hot rollers frequently. You can use these rollers in your damp hair and leave them overnight. The next morning you can take them out and you are ready with the perfect ringlet hairstyle. Before leaving for the occasion don’t forget to apply hairspray to hold the curls. You can opt for lose or tight curls. It is one the hairstyles that can be worn casually as well as formally. Many hair stylists recommended not using hot rollers in order to keep your hair healthy.


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